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Living Stream System®

The Living Stream System® provides a controlled environment for aquatic life.

The "Living Stream" is a revolutionary design of recirculating water in a closed system. All the water in the tank makes a complete cycle every 1-1/2 minutes, thus providing an equal amount of dissolved oxygen and the desired temperature throughout the entire tank.

The "Living Stream" has a falsebottom made of one piece fiberglass, which can easily be removed for cleaning as it is lightweight and has no screws or bolts to unfasten. The tank can be easily washed and the falsebottom replaced.

The filtering system consists of two double screens. The primary filter picks up the residue, and one carbon filter, 4" thick, holds 25 pounds of activated carbon charcoal. Both filters can be easily removed for cleaning. In addition, there are vinyl divider screens and embossed channels making it possible to adjust the tank compartments.

Living Stream System Size Operating
LS-510 70"L x 18"W x 20"D 75 2 LSW-510
13" x 44"
LS-700 84"L x 24"W x 22"D 140 3 LSW-700
13" x 55"
LS-900 108"L x 24"W x 22"D 190 4 LSW-900
13" x 44"
LS-120 10'L x 34"W x 36"D 400 3 LSW-120
24" x 84"

Cycling of water

Complete and continuous via false bottom (see above diagram).


Basket screens are fiberglass with plastic screening. Primary filter is polyurethane foam to trap larger dirt particles. Second filter is activated carbon charcoal, which helps remove chlorination and impurities.


Recess around standpipe traps heavy feces which flushes away by momentarily lifting standpipe.


Smooth PVC, top has slip fit for standpipe. Bottom 1-1/4" with female threads.

Divider Screen

Fiberglass with plastic screening.

  • Double wall fiberglass, smooth interior
  • Insulated
  • Standard 15-1/2", Fiberglass Leg Supports (Steel table recommended for windowed tanks - 34" high)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Available with Heater/Chiller Units
  • Windows available in Thermopane or Plexiglass. Plate glass in LSW-120. Plexiglass recommended for fairs, shows and secondary schools.